1xbet App Download – Apk (Android) and iOS (iPhone)

If you want to bet from your smartphone, the 1xbet app is a great choice. In this article we will give you a detailed overview of the different types of apps, tell you how to install and how to use them. If you can’t wait to try the app, just click on the button below to download it from the official 1xbet website.

1xbet app

1xbet has made every effort to create functional, stable, and user-friendly versions of its applications for various mobile operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

In addition, 1xbet is available not only on smartphones but also on personal computers. You may be familiar with the web version, but did you know you can download the 1xbet application to your desktop? This will give you a quick and reliable shortcut to all the site’s features. It’s up to you which option you prefer!

Download 1xbet app for Android

To use 1xbet on your Android device, you need the appropriate apk file. We recommend that you download it only from the company’s official website. In this case, you can be sure that you’re not only installing the original 1xbet application on your phone but won’t get any viruses on your device. Please be aware that we only provide links to the 1xbet app from the official site.

1xbet app for Android

We understand that installing a 1xbet apk file might be a little bit difficult, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, our experts have prepared step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing the 1xbet app on Android. So, follow these steps:

  1. Open the 1XBet website on your Android phone. Scroll down to the main page and click on the Android button.
  2. Once on the special page, click the appropriate button to download the apk file to your device. The file size is small, so it won’t take long.
  3. If your phone asks for permission to download the file, allow it. You may not even see this prompt depending on your device’s security settings. Clicking “Allow” will allow you to find the file in your list of recent downloads.

Install 1xbet apk for Android

Owners of Android smartphones may have problems installing apk files. Usually, the phone displays the following message: “For security reasons, the device is blocked from installing applications from unknown sources. But do not worry – it is still possible to install the program. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the icon of the downloaded 1xbet apk file.
  2. The Android system will inform you that your phone is not allowed to install files from unknown sources.
  3. Click on the Settings button located in this message.
  4. Enable permission to install files from such sources.
  5. Go back to the 1xbet app and tap Install.

Done! Once you have completed these steps, the apk file will be installed in less than a minute.

Download 1xbet app for iOS

Installing the 1xbet app on an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad is just as easy as on Android. This time you can download the file from the AppStore or iTunes, as well as from the company’s website. The process won’t take too long, but we recommend following a few of our recommendations to make sure it installs correctly.

To install from the 1xbet website:

  1. Go to 1xbet.
  2. Scroll down the page and click on the iOS button.
  3. Click the Download button, and the program will install automatically.
1xbet app for iOS

To install from the AppStore:

Be warned that the app is not available on Appstore for many regions. So if you can’t find it, use the download from the 1xbet website. Also, make sure you are of legal age. If you are under 18, the Apple system will not show you the sports betting app. If you are of legal age and 1XBet is supported in your area, you can download it. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Find the app in the Appstore using the search feature.
  2. Click on the “Download” button.
  3. The app will automatically install on your iPhone or iPad.

1xbet app for PC

You can download the program 1xbet on your PC. Its name is 1XWin. It is very good that the company has created an application for Windows, as it has a number of advantages compared to the normal site:

  1. Firstly, you don’t have to look for a working link to 1xbet all the time – the winds app will allow you to always have access to your account.
  2. Secondly, the app saves traffic. This is an important advantage for players with low internet speeds.
  3. Finally, 1XWin speeds up your line and live betting.

To download 1xbet on your PC, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the 1xbet website and click App for Windows.
  2. Click the “Download” button and save the file.
  3. Open the downloaded file and click “Run” to start the installation process.
  4. Follow the prompts on the welcome screen and click “Next” to continue.
  5. Select a name for the application folder in the Start menu and click “Install” to continue.
  6. Wait a few minutes for the program to install. When finished, click “Finish” to launch the 1xWin app.
  7. To log in, enter your username and password.
  8. Finally, click the application button on your desktop to open 1xWin.

1xbet Access Program

Are you tired of searching for the current 1xbet address? Then the 1xbet Access program is just for you! Download the program “1xBet Access,” and you will always have an alternative address of the official site of the bookmaker.

You can download this application from the main page of the site. Just go to the application page by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page and start the download.

1xbet Mobile Version

Accessing 1xbet on your phone is easy with the mobile version. You can use the official site’s features without downloading the app. The mobile version is optimized for smartphones and loads quickly. Our experts have tested it on different devices and concluded that it is as good as the app. If you prefer not to download files or don’t have enough storage space on your phone, simply log in to 1xbet on your Android or iPhone and start betting on the mobile version.

1xbet Mobile Version

Application Benefits

This app offers many benefits, such as convenience and user-friendliness. You can place bets quickly and easily with just your phone, no matter where you are. It allows you to bet on your preferred sports teams and events while you’re on the move, freeing you from being tied to your computer. The app is simple to navigate, so even if you’re new to online betting, you’ll have no trouble using it. Plus, you can create a 1xbet account right from your phone, and you won’t have to search for alternative links since the app is available wherever and whenever you want to place a bet.

It’s worth mentioning that placing bets on mobile devices is significantly faster than doing so on a computer. This is due to a well-designed interface that streamlines the process and takes only a few moments to complete. It’s essential to be quick and accurate when placing bets to maximize your winnings.

Additionally, these are the bonuses 1xbet offers its customers using the application:

  • Welcome Bonus. When you register in 1xbet, you can count on a solid deposit bonus. The first transfer you make to the system will give you a 100% bonus on your deposit.
  • If you want to play casino games, you’ll also get a bonus of up to €1,500 on your first deposit + 150 free spins.
  • You can enter contests and win great prizes like iPhones.

We recommend that you subscribe to the bookmaker’s newsletter. This way, you will receive exclusive bonus offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to download the 1xbet application?

Yes, it is completely safe to download from the official 1xbet website.

How big is the 1xbet application?

The application is 58 megabytes.

What is the price of the app?

The 1xbet app is available for free.

How to use the 1xbet application?

Follow these instructions to use the app:

Download and install the app.
Create an account or login if you already have one.
Make a deposit.
Choose the event you want to bet on.
Place your bet.
If you win, withdraw your money.

Can I play the casino on my mobile?

Of course, all the features of the 1xbet website are available in the app, including the casino games.

Is it better to bet in the mobile version or in the app?

There is not much difference. But if you want to have full access to your account at all times, the app is better.

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  1. Linda Keysi

    I downloaded the 1xbet app on my Iphone 8. I’m very happy that the app works without any problems. Because I thought that I needed a newer phone model and ios version. But everything works fine on my old smartphone too. By the way, my friend downloaded 1xbet app for Android and it works for him.
    I was able to log in to my personal account easily. But I can not deposit from my bank card. It says that there is a problem with the bank and I need to change the online limit. I do not know how to do this. I understand that this problem is not related to the app 1xbet, but still I hope you can tell me how to solve this issue. Thank you!

    1. Naxanin

      Thanks for sharing

  2. Cody William

    I really like betting on sports here. I don’t know why, but this is where I get lucky. Good thing I found your link to 1xbet app download new version. Otherwise I bought a new phone and the old one didn’t work. I had to search for a long time for a version that was compatible with my iPhone 13 pro.

  3. Zawar

    Yesterday I won an express with odds of 20, so I decided to write here. This is a normal bookmaker, I don’t worry because it’s legal, firstly, and secondly, they always pay. No matter how much you raise, they will let you withdraw. I have already withdrawn yesterday’s winnings. And I recommend 1xbet android app download. Nothing is buggy on the phone, it is very convenient to place bets there.

  4. Rishit

    I’ve been playing for about 2 months, no problems so far. I withdraw quickly and without any delays to my card. So far so good) I recommend it, good competitive coefficients compared to competitors. I 1xbet app apk download and was impressed with the functionality of the program. Everything works very fast on my phone.

  5. Taarush

    I have bad internet and it took me a long time to download 1xbet apk file. They could make it not so big in size. Well, of course, for those who have good wi-fi, but I live in a small village in India and there are communication problems here.

  6. Hem

    It is not always possible to use a computer or laptop, so I currently use the mobile version. After this short period of time, so far I have never encountered problems. It can be seen that special attention is paid to the selection of personnel. From my own experience, I was convinced of this by asking for help. Yes, it’s a pretty good place for me right now. Therefore, I recommend download 1xbet app for iphone

  7. Purab

    Everything is good! I have not been using it for a very long time yet, but there were no moments that I had any questions or complaints. The site was recommended by my friend, I trust his experience. On his recommendation, I decided to 1xbet download. Let’s see how it goes, as long as everyone likes it.

  8. Tejas

    I 1xbet download apk and now watch live streaming on my phone. The app of this bookmaker has plenty of live streaming. For example, almost all hockey is streamed without any problems, except for some championships.

  9. Disha

    Interesting pastime) very convenient that everything is online: both bets and winnings! I tried it on the advice of a friend and I liked it! Now I understand different sports, who better to bet on, where the odds are higher! I recommend the 1xbet app download for android!

  10. Ujjwal

    It’s cool that nowadays it’s possible to do everything remotely, including betting on sports on 1xbet com app. The bookmaker is pleased with its simple registration conditions and the possibility of free broadcasts. No intrusiveness, that’s a nice touch. I only bet with it.

  11. Navodit

    I free download 1xbet app. But I didn’t really like betting over the phone. After all, I have been used to playing on a computer for many years. Most likely, I need a better smartphone, because mine is already old and everything is buggy on it

  12. Izaan

    I’ve been betting at a bookmaker’s office for about a month now. All in all, it’s not bad. Registration is as usual as anyone else. The site has a lot of information about the events including statistics, but it would be better if it was in a separate page, so you don’t have to bounce back and forth. You can bet on various sports and cyber sports. There are no problems with withdrawal. All the money I have won has come in and there has been no cheating. I downloaded the 1xbet iphone app and am very happy with it

  13. Rudransh

    I quickly figured out how to 1xbet app download apk. I do not understand why I have to read different articles. It’s so easy. You’d have to be completely out of touch with the internet and technology not to understand it. And I came across this article by accident when I was looking for a link to log in via laptop

  14. Ojas

    I downloaded 1xbet apple to my phone. And I can’t log in to my account. I can’t see how I can recover my password. I can do it through my computer. But I can’t find this function on my phone. My computer is being repaired at the moment. So I had to install on ios. I hope that I will solve this issue

  15. Kiaan

    Yes, it took a bit of work to register, and it also took time to learn the rules. But it is important to me that all the calculations are correct and so are the payouts. I am not picky about the rest, and I haven’t won much here yet. I have not won so much yet. What has surprised me is the smooth operation of the site – everything is opened and bets are accepted quickly on 1xbet app for pc. Decent live and line betting, in general this office is good.

  16. Adam

    I couldn’t find 1xbet app store. So I had to look for sites with an accessible way to download. I have already installed it on my phone and I will use it now. Finally, sports matches on which you can bet are starting

  17. Marb

    1xbet application download – easy! You just click the button and download to your phone. It takes 5 minutes or even less! Yesterday I was arguing with a friend who freaked out because he can’t install 1x bet. I solved his problem very quickly.

  18. Niki

    Thanks to you I found a way to 1xbet download pc. It’s very convenient for me to play from my computer. On the big screen I can analyze matches and choose the correct outcome of events. I also often manage to catch good odds in play.

  19. Fedrick

    I installed 1xbet app ios on my old iPhone a long time ago. Now I bought a new iPhone 13 pro max and did not understand where to find the program. A friend told me that I need to install from the official site. I did so. But now I can not go to my personal account, I do not remember the password (how to restore it? My phone number has changed too

  20. Tilak

    1xbet download android is not difficult. I just downloaded the apk file and installed it on my xiaomi. Everything works great. Deposit and make bets from your phone is more convenient than from your computer

  21. Vihaan

    Hi all, I often hear the question how to download 1xbet app for ios from my friends. This is because I have been playing here for a long time and they are impressed with my winnings. At all the parties I pay for them) so I give them this site so they too can play)

  22. Utcha

    Good morning all. I love betting, recently decided 1xbet app download windows. If you’re a gambler too, be sure to try playing here. This is the best place to bet. I hope you follow my advice and find it interesting. Moreover, the company gives bonuses to all new players.

  23. Pramoda

    Cheers! I finally just got 1xbet app download for iphone. I couldn’t find a working way. Thanks for the link! will be playing now!

  24. Rajnish

    I decided yesterday 1xbet app download latest version. And now the app doesn’t work at all! I can’t get into it. How to get back the old version?

  25. Sanjaya

    Finding a good betting app is great luck. I found such an option – 1xbet app android. I was attracted by the fact that the players have good support. The administration often gives good odds and gives bonuses not only to newbies. I like to play and win. My biggest single win was $3400.

  26. Dave

    It is not always possible to use a computer or laptop, so I decided 1x betting app download. When I’m on the app the betting in general is nice. The bookmaker offers fast deposit and withdrawal of funds. After this short period of time, I have not had any problems yet. They clearly pay more attention to staff recruitment. I have first hand experience of this and have contacted the bookmaker’s support team.

  27. Ron

    For myself I realized that the mobile version for use is the golden mean.
    I have found that the mobile version is the golden mean for me. You can play right now and make bets through your phone without having to install app bet 1x on it, which I don’t like very much. Try it, it’s a really handy thing.

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